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E92 - BMW M3 Performance Seats

by Thorney Motorsport - Mon, 07 Dec 2009 07:30

E92_Seats_001.jpg Original seats.
The observant readers will have noticed that this month we have cheated, either that or we’ve re-sprayed our black M3 white for effect and that’s not very likely. The reason for this less than subtle vehicle change for this months instalment is that we have been planning an upgrade to the seating for some time but as our own car will soon be entering its race car preparation phase there was little point in spending a lot of time upgrading the standard seats as they would soon be ripped out anyway. So step forward Tony Rodriguez and his own E92 M3. Some of you will remember Tony from previous issues, he’s already taken a couple of E46 M3’s to new territory in racing but now he’s moved up to the E92 and he contacted us for suggestions as to what we thought for upgrades.

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E92 - Suspension Modifications

by John Thorne - Thu, 01 Oct 2009 08:00

Well thank God for that, we’ve finally managed to fix the E92 M3’s biggest problem – handling. Now I’ve been fairly critical of the E92’s handling in general, indeed the standard car on standard suspension I think is just way too soft for a sports car that the M3 represents but it does reflect BMW’s seeming intention to re-classify the car as more of a GT car. For me, if I wanted a mile munching BMW GT car I’d get an M6, for me the M3 represents the hard edge sporting end of the M range and the M3, on standard suspension just doesn’t cut it...

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E92 - Akrapovic Exhaust System

by John Thorne - Wed, 26 Aug 2009 17:04

A lot of people ask me how Thorney Motorsport started and how I got into car tuning and as with a lot of people in this industry my story is pretty similar; mad keen on cars, modified and tuned my own cars then friends cars, then set up on my own, all pretty typical. However where I think Thorney Motorsport and myself are a typical is what we think of the tuning industry generally, in short its crap..

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BMW E92 Tuning Blog - AP Brakes

by John Thorne - Wed, 12 Aug 2009 11:32

We love BMW; they create some of the greatest drivers cars on the planet. Cleverly styled, impressively engineered, expertly marketed and perfectly packaged as the ultimate drivers machine. So why on Earth can’t they provide an M sport car with a decent set of brakes? I shouldn’t complain of course, without BMW fumbling the ball on brake set ups on M3’s then companies like Thorney Motorsport might not be as successful...

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E92 - Pads & Springs

by John Thorne - Wed, 12 Aug 2009 10:53

It's a different month this month, thus far we’ve covered cat back exhausts and detailing and the plan this month was to cover some aspects of brakes or suspension in detail but we’ve only gone some way in both these areas so we thought we’d cover them this month by introducing the cars other role as the CSL Cup Safety Car.

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E92 - Exhaust & Dyno

by John Thorne - Tue, 12 May 2009 14:30

I do have huge sympathy for car designers, they must develop and deliver product to an ever widening customer type and attempt to supply the impossible to very demanding owners. However just because I understand the difficulties they face does not mean I’m not unhappy with the obvious shortcomings of the product...

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E92 - The Detail!

by John Thorne - Tue, 24 Mar 2009 10:00

The car was suffering from low levels of gloss and was covered in swirl marks when the sun shone on it. So first things first, I called Mike and Martin from Crystal Clear Detailing to come and perform a ‘CC Ultimate’ detail.

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E92 - A Warm Welcome!

by John Thorne - Wed, 18 Mar 2009 08:30

Welcome to what we think is the Worlds first BMW E92 M3 car modification blog, here at TMS we are continually asked about what we do and how we approach road car tuning and race car preparation so we thought it would be a great idea to share this process with everyone...

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