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Radiator re-location kit

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The standard radiator on the Yamaha YXZ1000R is very good, but its location at the front does mean that its prone to getting clogged with mud and its position also means that when it is clogged the only way to really clear it is to remove it and jetwash from the rear - a bit of a pain.

In racing the simplest solution is usually the best so our relocation kit is straight forward and simple, custom made brackets fix the radiator to the frame (FIA or standard) and keep the radiator angled for best airflow. In addition there is ducting round the sides and top to both channel the air into the radiator rather than spilling round and also protect the driver and passenger from a leaks from the cap should they occur.

Kit includes all pipework and brackets to fit.

Radiator re-location kit

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Move your YXZ1000 radiator away from the mud.